Remington Technology

Remington Technology awards Butuka Academy’s Top ICT Students

Delivering on its promise, Remington Technology presented Butuka Academy Secondary School with a cheque of K3,000 to award its Top Performing ICT students for this year’s class of Grade 10 and 12 as well as the school’s Dux Award for its pioneering class of Grade 12s during their graduation ceremony on Friday 28th October.  

This newly established partnership with Butuka Academy Secondary School is part of the Remington Group’s ongoing development program to help build a brighter future for the coming generations of Papua New Guineans, assisting them to reach their highest potential.

“Remington Group strongly supports education for PNG students wherever we can, especially in the field of ICT. We do our best in supporting this subject in learning institutions as this is where we have the most expertise”, says Peter Goodwin, CEO of Remington Group.

Butuka Academy Secondary School have received support from the Remington Group in the past, the Group has now gone further to establish this annual partnership which will challenge and boost students in their pivotal years of Grades 10 and 12.  The need to develop ICT skills in students today is crucial, considering how fast technology is advancing and the world becoming more digital, as students endeavour beyond Grade 12, being digitally savvy will be an added advantage.

The Remington Group have been in PNG since 1948, and are committed to helping and providing opportunities to groom our next generation of leaders.  The Group has provided three programs like the Graduate Program, Apprenticeship and On the Job training which is conducted annually.  In 2021, twenty students have gone through these programs and benefited from the training to assist them to kick-start their careers.

Butuka Academy Secondary School officially opened in 2019, catering for students from pre-school to grade 9, this year sees their very first batch of Grade 12s graduate from the school, an occasion of which the Remington Group is proud to be a part of.  This is a huge milestone for the school and they will work towards providing the very best facilities and educational support for their students to shine.