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Production Equipment

To help you make the most of your printing assets, Konica Minolta offers a range of add-on, complementary print equipment. We have developed this offering based on our vast print experience, and through our relationships with trusted equipment suppliers. The result is industry-leading equipment that fulfils the needs of the busy print professionals.

An end-to-end printing solution
Our high quality, expertly designed equipment means you can rely on us at all stages of the print cycle - ensuring a superior result when it comes to professional printing. Customised solution for your business
Customised solution for your business
Thanks to our range of equipment being available as “add ons”, you are able to create a printing infrastructure that’s entirely customised to your business and your specific needs. In fact, our access to leading industry finishing products means we can solve almost any finishing requirement - with high quality results.
Value-add results
Whether you need a paper-cutter, paper folder or even a creasing device, we have a solution. Our devices have been chosen for their reliability and specific features, which are in tune with professional printing needs.
Advanced scanning capabilities
Kodak scanners are the highest level dedicated document scanners on the market today. And in fact, the speed and quality of our machines unsurpassed. With a straight paper path and expanded range of paper weights and media types, as well as a massive feed tray capacity, advanced scanning has never been easier. Plus, advanced Kodak scanning software provides for optical character recognition and document correction on the fly, assuring that the scanned document is produced in the best possible manner for clear archive or reprint requirements.

The production equipment range

SDD Two-Side Trimmers Spectrodensitometers Plockmatic Production Booklet Finisher Plockmatic PSQ-160 GBC eWireBinder
SDD’s Two Side Trimmer is a cost-effective full bleed solution for Konica Minolta Fast, precise and flexible color management that produces the highest colour quality. Plockmatic SD-500 & SD-350 Production Booklet Finisher Plockmatic PSQ-160 high production booklet systems GBC Inline eWire binding Unit
Max MB-2000 In-Line Punch/Ring Binding Unit GBC Punch G2 Plockmatic PSQ-160
Max MB-2000 In-Line Punch & Ring Binding Unit GBC Punch G2 Plockmatic PSQ-160 high production booklet systems