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Re-Think Your Printer With Konica Minolta

The impact of technology in the workplace is fast-moving and essential for growth. Companies are constantly evolving their products to cater to the ever-changing customer needs and business environment, Konica Minolta is one of those innovative organisations that continue to cultivate its products to meet today’s needs.

In January 2021, Konica Minolta received the 12 Buyers Lab (BLI) Awards from KeyPoint Intelligence, the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software and services for its new multi-functional Bizhub i-Series devices.

Covid-19 has played a huge part in accelerating digital transformation in organisations globally and in PNG. Remington Technology continues to lead in providing print, document and IT solutions to businesses as the only authorised Konica Minolta dealer in the country.

Remington Technology is a 100% PNG owned company and the only authorised Konica Minolta dealer in Papua New Guinea. Operating in PNG since 1948, Remington Technology now leads the way with the Bizhub i-Series, the most advanced multifunction printer in the world, and the perfect solution for the changing workplace. Designed for the changing world of work, the Bizhub i-Series is simple, secure, and convenient and promises high-quality performance in the workplace.

Simple Design & Usability

The Konica Minolta Bizhub i-Series is simple, yet stylish, and boasts contemporary touches like a floating operational panel, rounded edges, and LED status indicators with a large 10.1” touchscreen, smartphone-style user interphase and a display that users can customise, it is the perfect solution for a modern and efficient workplace. These features provide ease of use through reduced wait times, vibration feedback, and customisation.

High-quality performance, enhanced efficient workflow and seamless connectivity

The Bizhub i-Series simple operability and high-quality performance allow people to complete tasks efficiently and effectively from anywhere. Its wireless feature allows you to connect your laptop or smartphone to print your work on the go and its integrated cloud services offer the right processes at the right time, building more convenient workflows for everyone. You can access your work from anywhere.

The Konica Minolta Bizhub i-Series can speed up your output and streamline your workflow with multifunctional productivity- printing, copying and scanning with simple on-screen control and seamless software integration.

Smart Service and next-level security

Its built-in security technology provides a reliably safe environment for your business. The anti-virus engine automatically scans all transmitted and received data in real-time. You can also run on-demand or schedule scanning of your data, to make sure you stay protected. This state of the art security feature protects your important documents and sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Commitment to Sustainability.

Konica Minolta is committed not only to innovation but to environmental sustainability. All Konica Minolta’s office and professional multifunctional devices can be programmed specifically to ensure they use resources responsibly so customers benefit from reduced waste and improve their environmental impact. The Bizhub i-Series new fusing unit and low-temperature fixing toner help achieve lower energy consumption in operating and sleep modes.

The Konica Minolta Bizhub i-Series is a smart technology hub that fully embraces the way businesses are evolving in this time and age and sharpens their competitive edge. These multifunction devices are only available from Remington Technology through our extensive branch network (Wewak, Madang, Goroka, Mt Hagen, Lae, Kimbe, Kokopo, Port Moresby). Contact us now for a smarter workplace. Call our sales team on 312 3400 or email us at