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The advancement and impact of technology continue to shape the world and how we do business. Technology is an integral part of the workplace and is vital to the success of any business today.


Did you know that Remington Technology provides ICT services? Remington Technology provides external ICT support services and has provided ICT services to organisations such as; Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry (POMCCI), Paradise Brewery Ltd and PNG Office works.  


Our ICT department is led by Mr Asanka Dias our Chief Information Officer, together with his dynamic team of trained professionals, they have implemented new and innovative solutions for the company while managing a highly secured and reliable IT operation. The team utilises technology to enhance communication and ease of digital workflow; tasks are delegated, reviewed, accessed and confidential company data is securely protected.


The ICT Support Services provided by Remington Technology include; 


Designing and building High Availability Server Infrastructure.

Managing digital data is vital for an efficient organisation, having a server that provides multiple functionalities is paramount to protecting your data and enhancing the ease of digital workflow. Remington Technology’s ICT Team have the expertise in designing a High Availability Server Infrastructure that can serve critical systems by eliminating single points of failure and creating disaster recovery systems.  Disaster recovery systems protect your data from hazardous events or security threats such as power outages, theft, arson, earthquake and ransomware attacks etc. 


VOIP Network.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line, examples include; Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger etc. Our ICT team can build a modern VOIP setup using CISCO voice servers. This voice infrastructure can be distributed over different geographical locations through office networks using network infrastructure to connect the voice network. The use of this infrastructure can reduce communication costs for your organisation and save you money. 

Designing & development of a Call Centre

If your business requires a call centre setup, our team of experts have first-hand experience in designing and building a call centre. We can create; 

  • Interaction automation technologies – automation of customer interactions (e.g. Interactive Voice Response).
  • Workflow automation technologies – automates and standardises the internal organisation of work (e.g. A contact centre Wallboard- screen mounted on a wall, showing live inbound & outbound call statistics).   

Asanka and his team have designed and built a call centre for the Remington Group with professional call flow that includes Interactive Voice Response, this setup has increased the call centre productivity. 


CCTV Installation

CCTV networks are commonly used for surveillance to detect and deter criminal activities, monitor employees, record traffic infringements and a host of other reasons. If you are concerned about security on your property our team of experts can identify your business’s requirements, suggest an appropriate CCTV package, install and set up a CCTV network and video surveillance system.  


POS System Installation.

A point of Sale (POS) system manages sales and inventory, it is the system where customers execute payment for goods and services and where sales taxes become payable. Operating a retail store or business requires having an efficient POS system to track and monitor your daily revenue and inventory. Depending on what your business needs are, our team can identify a cost effective solution with a POS system that is suitable to your organisation. We can purchase and install cash registers or computer monitors with a specific network application or system, receipt printer, barcode scanners and EFTPOS machines.  


Remington Technology can tailor ICT Solutions to your needs. Give our reliable team of skilled ICT professionals a call to support your business today. Contact us on 312 3400or send us an email to: