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Go Paperless and get Digitised with Remington Technology.

Are you a government department or corporate business that has a timeline to digitise your paper-based filing? Are you a hospital that needs to update all your patient records online? Do you need to transform your business and go paperless? Can your organisation risk not digitising an undervalued company asset – paper files?

Remington Technology is the leader in Electronic Document Solutions in PNG, we are fully equipped and provide a complete end-to-end solution for all your electronics document management needs from collecting your documents, scanning, archiving and indexing; delivering all your physical documents online. Businesses in PNG are slowly adopting new technologies to enhance how they operate and do business. A good document management solution today is essential in any organisation, one that can provide end-to-end application and manages workflow throughout an organisation.


FileBound is a market-leading electronic document management solution that Remington Technology champions to complement our industry-leading Konica Minolta multifunction range. This document management solution is designed to improve the way you process and manage your valuable documents. One of the biggest challenges in terms of document management is finding seamless solutions that control and manage information created from different sources and stored in many different forms. These forms often include paper files, archival box storage, document images, digital application files, computer print files, emails, website input, and many others. FileBound is designed to accept and combine all forms of information from these various sources, it then organises, distributes the information via workflow, stores it, and provides secure access to it when and where users need it.

An All-In-One Document Management Solution

Do you need to digitise all your paper files? If you’re looking for a paperless document management solution that scales to your particular needs, FileBound has you covered with its advanced suite of tools and capabilities.

Document capture: Scan your important documents and save them digitally and securely. Then you can shred the documents you don’t need anymore to save space in your office and reduce risk or loss and retrieval time and cost.

Intuitive, secure, easy-to-navigate digital document storage: Many people worry that a digital solution will be more complicated to use, but FileBound document storage solutions are intuitive and easier to use than digging through a filing cabinet.

Search, find and share documents across your company easily: Increase collaboration and efficiency when you’re sharing documents with colleagues and clients.

Records management: Maintain a records management strategy that keeps your historical information secure.

Remington Technology leads the way in getting your documents digitised, our team of professionals can advise and assist on any aspect of your document management requirements from printing to scanning and offsite storage of your data so you can focus on more important things.

By focusing on the needs of today’s digitised workspace, we utilise industry-leading hardware and software to deliver document and workflow automation that is easy to implement, configure, use and modify. Accelerate your business by being able to work anywhere at any time with FileBound.

The Remington Technology team is here to help you improve and enhance your workflow.

With FileBound, you can increase productivity, save time, enhance transparency, work from anywhere at any time and provide control over your business. Sound good to you? Contact us at Remington Technology for a smarter workplace. Call us on 312 3400 or send us an email at:


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