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Remington Group announces 2023 Apprenticeship Program

Remington Group is proud to announce its Call for Applications for its 2023 Apprenticeship Program this week.

Since the inception of Remington Group’s Apprenticeship and other learning programs in 2019, more than 20 students have progressed through its various development programs.

The Remington Group Apprenticeship Program is a 4-year program aimed at providing TVET graduates with technical disciplines and a career pathway. The Remington Group Apprenticeship Program is facilitated in collaboration with the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR) through the National Apprenticeship Trade and Testing Board (NATTB).

Under the umbrella of our Apprenticeship Program, we have assisted in training and supporting young Papua New Guineans to achieve Certification in their respective trade. The participants in the Apprenticeship Program are assigned to perform tasks in line with their learned skills, or tasks that are related to their trade, and undergo block courses from technical institutions arranged by the National Apprenticeship Trade and Testing Board. All of this is carried out in collaboration with and supported by our Group of Companies.

The Remington Group have already groomed several young Papua New Guineans to be skilled Service Technicians since the commencement of its Apprenticeship Program and are looking forward to providing more opportunities for young Papua New Guineans within the organisation.

Remington Group CEO, Peter Goodwin said, “Our Apprenticeship Program is a market leading program that we are truly proud of, as it sets us apart from our industry competitors. We closely support our apprentices and offer them the best possible start to their career by pairing them with some of our most experienced technicians in our businesses, at the same time, allowing them to earn a salary as they would in any normal working environment”.

“We believe in developing competent PNG youths today, equipping them for tomorrow’s work challenges because we operate in a technologically driven industry. In doing so, we are contributing towards building PNG’s human resources through our engaged training programs”, added Mr Goodwin.

Remington Group encourages Expressions of Interest from final year students who study in the field of; electronics, IT, electro-technology or similar to apply for its 2023 Apprenticeship Program.

After completion of this Program, selected apprentices will not only become qualified Service Technicians, but also have practical experience and work exposure.

For more information, please connect with the Remington Group on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram to see updates regarding our Apprenticeship Program or contact the HR team on,

Remington is a household name in PNG, having operated here since 1948. The Remington Group of Companies is absolutely committed to nurturing young Papua New Guineans by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow.