Remington Technology

30 Years of Loyalty: Tom Mugwasawa's Contributions to Remington Technology

“They say Tom could sell ice to Eskimos. Lucky for the Eskimos, he lives in PNG”. These are the words of Remington Technology (RT) General Manager, Justin Kieseker, describing Tom Mugwasawa’s proficiency in sales.
Clocking in thirty years with Remington Technology, at the age of 58, and hoping to continue a few more years, Mr Tom Mugwasawa, from the Trobriand Islands of Milne Bay Province, is a man of service at Remington Technology.
He is Remington’s longest-serving employee and a Senior Account Manager, with vast experience in a role he loves very much. He has been with Remington Technology since 1993, supporting the company and his customers through his knowledge, and talent in sales, contributing immensely to the growth of Remington over these many years of service.
Mr Mugwasawa said, “I enjoy my job as a Senior Account Manager. It has been 30 years of service with Remington. I started with the business as a simple dispatch clerk, to now a Senior Account Manager.”
As Remington turns 75 this year, Tom recalls his time since joining. He said his best memory of Remington has been seeing how the company transitioned from being internationally owned to now a PNG-owned, leading business in print and document solutions.

General Manager for RT, Mr Kieseker said, Tom’s 30 years of service is a testament to his commitment to sales and dedication to both his customers and Remington Technology, this business is looking forward to many more years with Tom.
Passion is power, and loving what you do adds value to whatever you choose to do in life. For Tom, his time with Remington Technology has taught him that commitment and honesty in his work are really rewarding.
“Being in sales for years has been a challenging yet inspiring experience because I have met many new people and learnt a lot of things that have taught me to love what I do”, Tom said.