Remington Technology

William Pupun: 22 years of dedication and growth

William Pupun hails from East New Britain Province, and commenced his career with Remington Technology in 2000.

Joining us at the tender age of twenty, he kicked off with our Property Department before moving to finance and administration, then Logistics before finally finding his chosen career path in sales.

“In December this year, I will clock in 23 productive years with Remington Technology. I am grateful for all the support the company has given me over that time, including all of the training I have received, ranging from product knowledge to keeping up with the latest in technology trends,” he said.

These days William is a Major Accounts Manager, managing some of the major accounts at Remington Technology. Three of the most important things he has learnt from his long association with the company are;
  1. Always behave professionally, both in and outside of work,
  2. Be open minded and teachable and
  3. Be adaptable to change, especially when dealing with people, every day.
“Throughout my career journey, I have learnt to be professional every time I am out there. I am constantly reminded that Remington Technology is a 100% PNG owned company, so I have our reputation and brand to protect. It is an honour to be part of Remington Technology’s journey over all of these years. We have certainly changed a lot, and come a very long way from those early years”, he said.

When William started in 2000, Remington Technology was based at Konedobu. He is grateful to have been a part of the organisation’s transformation and growth – from a small office to now, its very own Remington Haus building. This impressive journey is a testament to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of the company’s employees and management over the years.

William says the best part of his job is networking. A typical day in his job as a Major Accounts Manager may see him meeting up to 10 clients in a day.  This allows him to not only meet new people, but to strengthen existing business relationships. He concluded that working in one organisation for this long is an individual choice. It shows the love for the job and the kind of management that exists within the company.

General Manager for Remington Technology Justin Kieseker says, “William’s 22 years of experience in the copier industry positions him as a valuable and respected member of the Remington team. He has seen the industry morph into the digital age and has embraced it by championing new products and the Remington brand.”