Remington Technology

Jaycel Toasi: Genuine commitment to customer service is my passion

When Jaycel Toasi embarked on her Remington journey in 2005 as a sales and marketing assistant, little did she know that she was stepping into a world of endless possibilities. Hailing from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Jaycel’s drive to be part of something bigger propelled her forward.

Fast forward 18 years, and Jaycel is now the Kokopo Branch Manager for Remington Technology (RT) in East New Britain Province. She has learned that challenges in her career can be the stepping stones to professional growth, for as they say, you never truly grow unless your borders are stretched.

With an unwavering customer-centered mindset, Jaycel has flourished during her time at RT. She attributes her success to the invaluable support and motivation she received from Remington Technology. But it’s not just about her achievements; she takes immense pride in the positive work culture and teamwork fostered within the branch she manages.

A typical day at work for Jaycel involves overseeing branch operations and engaging with different clients to understand their unique needs. As a branch manager, she has demonstrated leadership qualities that have positioned her for success, from a simple sales and marketing assistant to now a branch manager.

Jaycel shares, “I enjoy seeing efforts turn into tangible results for our customers and the company. In the realm of customer relations and management, it is important to monitor and measure the performance of your team to ensure success and continuous improvement.”

Furthermore, Jaycel says to progress in one’s career it takes a lot of self-work and it is important to have a teachable attitude, this paves the way for continuous learning and progress.

“For those embarking on a similar career path it requires dedication and a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience. Learning from professionals and developing essential skills will always help you in exceeding expectations in this rewarding field”, she added.

Stories like Jaycel’s are of pure dedication and hard work that have contributed to the growth of Remington Technology in PNG. It tells us of how a professional can make work and passion become one and for Jaycel delivering excellent customer service every day is what gives purpose to the career she chose to build.