Remington Technology


Remington Technology, the leader in print and document solutions in PNG, recently came to the rescue in a heartwarming gesture towards the National Apprenticeship Training Board of Papua New Guinea (NATTB).

NATTB, facing persistent challenges with their printers, reached out to Remington Technology on a whim, hoping for a glimmer of assistance. Little did they know, they were about to witness a remarkable display of responsiveness and professionalism.

Brian Clowes, the acting director for NATTB, recounted their experience in an interview. “We’ve been struggling with our printers for quite some time now,” he began. “Our stationary challenges were becoming overwhelming, with our outdated printers failing to meet our needs.”

Their last printer dated back to 2016, managed by a third-party company. Desperate for a solution, they decided to reach out to Remington Technology. “I wasn’t expecting much of a response,” Brian admitted, “but to my surprise, we heard back from them on the very same day.”

Peter Goodwin, Remington Group CEO, swiftly responded to their plea. Within hours, two apprentice technicians were dispatched to assess the situation. “The efficiency and professionalism displayed by the Remington team was truly commendable,” Brian remarked.

What followed next was nothing short of a blessing for NATTB. “We received an email from the General Manager of Remington, Justin Kieseker, offering to replace our two old printers with a refurbished one,” Brian recounted with gratitude. “It was a gesture of goodwill that truly touched our hearts.”

Mr. Kieseker stated that “Remington Technology and NATTB work in partnership to groom our future technicians, we are committed to supporting our partners and the development of the communities we operate in”.

“We need more companies like Remington,” Brian emphasized. “Their dedication to supporting local initiatives and empowering the youth through apprenticeships is exceptional.”

The impact of Remington’s generosity resonated deeply with Brian and his team. “It’s people like Peter and his team who defy sceptics and demonstrate the value of investing in local talent,” he affirmed. “Their willingness to step up and assist us in our time of need speaks volumes about their organisation.”

As NATTB looks ahead to the future, they are grateful to have Remington Technology as a reliable partner. “From training apprentices to fulfilling our printer needs, we know we can count on Remington,” Brian concluded. “Their commitment to our success reaffirms our belief in the power of collaboration and community support.”